Acknowledgements and References / by Thomas-Xavier Christiane

“Be polite.” – Serge Christiane

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Thank you to all the people mentioned in the articles (including those whose privacy has been respected) for letting me observing their activities and sharing their time and expertise with me. A special thanks to Steven Aiello for his particular attention to my project. Thank you to that guy that I’ve met at the gay pride of Tel Aviv for giving me the contact of Combattants for Peace that I was desperately trying to find. Thank you to Amal for being my loving support tmsah-al-sheitan during the time that I was redacting the texts. And finally, and mostly, thank you to the people of Israel and Palestine for your existence.


The following references are what I would advise one to read for a better understanding of the underlying philosophy of “Roots of Peace in Israel/Palestine”. Some of them are in French since I am myself a native French speaker.

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