Letter of recommendation to a Kashmiri tailor by Thomas-Xavier Christiane


Dear Mister Salama,

Or as I could call you in my heart, Mister Biscuits.

Thank you very much for the two superb trousers that you made for me. I’m very much looking forward to the next winter to show the world the excellent craftsmanship of yours. The numerous letters decorating the walls of your shop are the formal evidence of your superior knowledge in terms of style and quality.

I’d like to add my gratitude for your hospitality in your shop and with your family. During my long stay in Kashmir, the walls of your business and your home were synonyms of peace, serenity and affection. I consider you, your family and your team as the most respectful representative of Kashmir to the rest of the world.

I wish you the best for the future in a world like ours. I’m convinced K. Salama and Sons will keep doing the great work despite the challenges of being located in Kashmir. Your family and your business are in my thoughts and prayers.

I hope to see you soon my friend.