Thomas-Xavier Christiane

Tales of a random guy.


In 2011, I engaged in communication and journalism studies at IHECS in Brussels. I aborted these studies before graduating as a bachelor. My main achievements during this period were a 15 pages résumé of an anthropological study about schismogenesia and the video portrait of a guy who thought he was a pinguin.

In 2015, I traveled in South East Asia for four months. During this period of time I maintained a blog (that does not exist anymore) documenting my daily observations in the streets of four different countries. I was also able to do three weeks of observant participation in a traditional familial Thai pharmaceutical company. 

In 2015, I engaged in studies of photography at the Agnes Varda school in Brussels. I aborted these studies after one year. During this period, I was trained to basic layout design by a graphic design agency in Brussels and I performed several assignments as a photographer (Institutional/corporate, private events and weddings, portraits and landscapes).

In April 2016, I entered a plane heading to the international airport of Nice in France. From there, I took a bus and arrived in the city of Cannes. During ten days, I was employed by a local photographic agency to take portraits of the people celebrating the local international film festival. I was hired the year after to do the same job at the same festival. During the two festival I experienced undocumented observant participation of the living conditions, myths and rituals of undocumented and underprivileged workers in France. I undertook to engage in a full summer season as an employee but, due to an unfavorable commercial period, I simply gave up the ambitions of a career consisting of indefinitely photographing babies on a beach before the term of my verbal contract. 

In October 2016, I traveled to Nepal. After trekking there, I engaged in an internship for the India Habitat Center in New Delhi. However, my plan was compromised by the so called « demonetization » crisis that saw a billion being depraved the right to execute financial transactions. While leaving this madness, I ended up doing a short stay in Kashmir.

In May 2016, I published on Tumblr an article about the French election. It was later qualified as « better than today’s journalism. » by some guy off record.

In November 2017, I traveled to Nepal. There, I covered the local elections in a series of articles for the previous form of this blog. I did also documented observations of a five days bus journey in the remote areas of Nepal and about the networks of people lobbying for the rights of street dogs in Kathmandu for a short time frame.

In January 2018, I went back in Kashmir and I wrote a book about it. It’s a specialized and documented diary that explains what the people are living in a conflict zone. It’s based on real experiences.

In August 2018, I moved to Kathmandu where I began to study online courses:

  • International Relations Theory

  • Introduction to Philosophy

  • Introduction to Human Rights

  • Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Comparing Theory and Practice

  • Network Dynamics of Social Behavior

  • International Humanitarian Law in Theory and Practice

  • Paradoxes of War (Introduction to Military Sociology and History)

In addition, I’m currently participating in the final exam of a specialization of Methods and Statistics in Social and Behavioral Sciences given by the University of Amsterdam. I’m planning to follow other online courses and specializations in the next two years.

During my stay in Nepal, I trained boxing two hours a day in a Hindu temple for six months (PAF!), I defeated altitude sickness and lack of budget on the way to the Everest Base Camp and I walked seven day to reach a cheese shop.

The 20th of April, I embarked a plane going from Brussels to Tel Aviv. There, I have met several actors involved in building peace in the Holy Land.

The 06th of July, I’m going to Jordan where I’m planning to write a series of articles about the organizations I’ve met in Israel/Palestine for Observations and to learn the basics of Arabic.


Whatsapp: +32 476 42 28 22

For any proposals, complaints or anything, just write an email.

If you had the patience to read this page, you can click here to discover a series of electronic music productions I’ve done while bored. « You deserve it. »